Announcing T-Rex SMILE® and its Supporting Framework

Announcing T-Rex SMILE® and its Supporting Framework

Date: February 27, 2020
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We’ve made great strides toward innovation and development and I wanted to highlight what you can expect to see reflected on our website in the coming weeks. We have been doing groundbreaking work on behalf of our customers and the lessons we’ve learned have allowed us to develop proprietary solutions (IP) that we can now share with current, new and potential customers in support of their IT Modernization efforts.

The first such trademarked solution is called T-Rex SMILE®:
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T-Rex SMILE® enables faster, simpler, more secure AND cost-effective cloud migrations via continuous configuration automation. This automation aligns to current best practices as a pre-built solution. Further detail for prospective customers will be published in greater detail on our website shortly so they can see more of what our current customers have already benefited from.

We know that formalizing processes and solutions must be supported with continued, independent innovation. I’d also like to announce the expansion and reorganization of T-Rex’s Centers of Excellence (COEs). A key driver of the reorganization was the need to better understand market needs and trends and ensure that we remained abreast of changing and emerging commercial technologies.

COEs are staffed by subject matter experts (SMEs) in our current core service areas:
1. Cloud Adoption and Infrastructure Optimization
2. Cybersecurity
3. Data Engineering and Analytics
4. Systems Integration/Development
5. Mission Critical Services

Along with a focus on program execution, all COE members interface with new and existing customers to understand emerging technology needs, participate in industry forums, and review trade publications and draft solicitations for new requirements. COE teams also review our existing service offerings, identify gaps in delivery based on new customer requirements, research and test innovative products and technologies in our technical innovation lab, identify the benefits and risks associated with potential deployment of new capabilities, and where applicable, bring those innovations to our customer base. This appropriate evolution of the COEs puts us in a better position and allow for the development and evolution of formalized solutions such as T-Rex SMILE®.

We recognize the depth of experience we have gained over the last few years supporting federal civilian programs of massive size, scale and complexity and we also recognize the responsibility we have to bring this experience to other government agencies wrestling with the same issues. Programs like T-Rex SMILE® will simplify our ability to do that.

In a recent video, our executive team talked about how we are uniquely positioned to understand and support government agencies. You can opens in a new windowwatch that video here.

To learn more about how our proprietary solutions apply to your federal agency’s needs contact us at opens in a new windowinfo@trexsolutionsllc.comcreate new email.

Jason Keplinger
T-Rex Solutions

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