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Founder Trevor Wilby

Founder Trevor Wilby

We are proud to share that T-Rex has become a leading and award-winning philanthropist in the mid-size government contract market. We continue to take steps to improve upon our giving strategy. We call it “T-Rex Cares 2.0”, and it establishes the framework we will use to partner with organizations that service initiatives and groups in need which matter to us.

As we have grown in recent years, we realized that a more strategic approach to partnering and giving would make our dollars go farther and be more impactful. We also realized that if we took inventory of the talents and interests of our employees, they would become more engaged creating a multiplier effect to positively impact the community. Now when we make philanthropic decisions, they will align with the needs of our greater community, the interests, skills and core values of my fellow T-Rex’ers, – and my own – while supporting our corporate objectives. Of course, we will always seek opportunities that support our relentless drive for innovation.

In the past, we have sought out partners who brought existing programs to the table. This approach will continue to be an important part of our philanthropic strategy, and now we also have plans to formalize a foundation/non-profit grant program to implement the T-Rex Cares 2.0 vision. The expansion of our philanthropic program will not only have a positive impact on our community but will also be a key part of T-Rex’s leadership training program. Watch for future announcements about this soon.

We look forward to expanding our support into the community through T-Rex Cares 2.0.


Trevor Wilby
Founder, and Chairman of the Board
T-Rex Solutions