How To Run With The Big Dogs

How To Run With The Big Dogs

Date: April 1, 2019
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We are a Leader of the Pack

How does a mid-size firm with about 400 IT professionals catapult itself into the league of billion-dollar companies with thousands of employees like Perspecta, General Dynamics, SAIC, and Leidos? Based on revenue and staff size, T-Rex may be much smaller than the other tech companies on the 2018 Bloomberg Government (BGOV) top 10 list of opens in a new windowCloud Vendors, however, it has the strength and power needed to successfully deliver cloud adoption and migration.

T-Rex Ranked #4 Based On Contract Obligations

A mission to relentlessly drive innovation is, in part, driving the company’s #4 position. The playing field itself has changed providing room for small and mid-tier companies to leverage opportunities in new ways.

Small- And Mid-Tier Firms Now in The Running

Network-based computing dates back to the 1960s and AI even further. Cloud computing in its modern context and deep learning with big data have only truly evolved in the last decade.

These advances in technology have leveled the field because now smaller firms and start-ups have access to the same cloud and AI innovations, tools, and resources that the big players have.

Those firms that understand mission criticality and can creatively and securely leverage these technologies will continue to lead in this space, regardless of their size.

The current administration’s Cloud Smart strategy promoting the adoption of commercial cloud technologies is generating new opportunity as federal agencies invest in modern technology and migrate to the cloud.

In fact, BGOV estimates the 2019 total dollar amount for cloud spending will exceed $5 billion.

Because of such initiatives, government agencies face huge challenges that will require them to rely on technology innovators to architect solutions that can scale and be cost-effective while meeting tight schedules.

New Technologies, New Opportunities

Together, the new technologies and the Cloud Smart strategy give smaller firms the opportunity and ability to compete for more of the government IT transformation pie. Smaller firms that are characteristically nimble and agile are better able to respond to changing needs and requests of clients.  They are also able to establish strong, one-on-one relationships with project directors on the client side who may be less familiar with technology.

Culture Can Nurture Creative Thinking

It’s also true that creative thinkers tend to thrive better in a more opens in a new windownurturing culture where there is less corporate bureaucracy and red tape to work through to get needed support, resources, and time. Privately held companies don’t have the intense demands to achieve the high levels of billability that keep shareholders happy. Thought leaders, creative minds, and dreamers typically have more free space to devote to innovative thinking. This is often why many large companies must acquire tech start-ups and emerging firms to be able to offer innovative products and services.

Another advantage smaller firms have is that the more junior staff usually get to work hand-in-hand with more senior, seasoned leadership, allowing fresh thinking to be guided by strategic, in-depth experience. opens in a new windowInternship programs for growing your own talent while giving back to the community, tend to be more successful in environments where senior members have more interaction with opens in a new windoweager learners who are ready to work hard to earn a place on the team. With hand-picked talent and dedicated mentoring, smaller firms can offer high quality over huge quantity and remain committed to providing continuous, long-term excellence in customer service.

The unique blend of expert practitioners, innovative technologies, and excellent client service is what helped T-Rex to get running with the big dogs. Built on a rock-solid foundation of government IT, T-Rex has a proven track record of years of successful partnering with government clients. opens in a new windowCore competencies include Cloud Adoption and Infrastructure Optimization, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering and Analytics, Systems Integration and Development, and Mission Critical Services.

Learn more about how T-Rex is blazing new trails in leveraging transformational technologies as part of the government opens in a new windowCloud Smart strategy, providing safe and secure cloud infrastructure and achieving added savings, security, and speed for its clients.


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