Your IT systems impact trade, cargo, taxpayers, and ultimately national security. Downtime is not an option. Modernizing Federal legacy IT systems, no matter how complex, without interruption to operations is entirely possible. Government agencies face mandates, higher usage, security concerns, and entrenched processes. T-Rex has proven it is possible to evolve and secure government technology, building high availability, FISMA compliance, and resiliency into the modernized architecture, while reducing redundancies, retiring obsolete systems, reducing technical debt, and improving user experience.


How Should an Agency Start?

Modernize IT Infrastructure in 5 Steps

Federal agencies are looking to capitalize on commercial technologies to deliver superior customer service, strengthen core business processes, secure sensitive data, and support a largely remote workforce. Agencies can seize the operational imperative of modernizing their aging IT infrastructure by following these proven steps.

The Future of IT Modernization

Federal agencies can modernize and protect critical IT systems. We partnered with the U.S. Census Bureau to implement an enterprise-wide IT modernization, moving the 2020 Census online for the first time in U.S. History. See how your agency can achieve the same modernization success.

About T-Rex

T-Rex is a leading IT professional services firm helping federal government modernize, protect, and scale its systems and data. T-Rex has designed, built, integrated, and operated some of the world’s largest critical systems for Federal government. We take pride in relentlessly innovating to improve government performance. T-Rex has technical expertise in Cloud Adoption, Cybersecurity, Data Engineering, Systems Integration, and Mission Critical Services.

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