T-Rex Corporation CEO, Trevor Wilby, announced today that the United States General Services (GSA) has awarded the company a Schedule 36 for Office Imaging and Document Solutions and Services including needs analysis (SIN 51-506) effective September 2015.
T-Rex has provided solutions and services to both large and small imaging and document data capture projects. Large projects are the U.S. Census Bureau for Decennial Census and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for veteran benefits claims where millions of documents are processed. Small projects are at the U.S. Government Publishing Office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and commercial customers for back file conversions for freeing up valuable office space and putting important information at the fingertips of information workers.
A project lifecycle typically includes a needs analysis followed by a service solution for performing the document preparation and accounting, imaging, processing and data capture and quality assessment using imaging, OCR, OMR and manual data capture techniques. T-Rex Corporation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company committed to the highest standards of quality.
“This amazing accomplishment for our company proves that our executive team, with their decades of industry experience, can now offer our industry leading document data capture solutions and services to a broader channel of customers propelling T-Rex further into a leadership position in the Document Processing market,” said CEO Trevor Wilby. “We are grateful and excited to see T-Rex’s Document processing vision endorsed by the U.S. Government.