T-Rex Corporation recently won and began executing on the Department of Veterans Affairs Integrated Program Management Accountability System (iPMAS) program as a subcontractor to Systems Made Simple (SMS). PMAS is a performance-based project management discipline mandated by the Assistant Secretary, Office of Information and Technology (AS/IT) for all product delivery projects.
The intent of PMAS is to improve the rate of success of the Veterans Affairs (VA) IT projects. PMAS requires the use of incremental product build techniques for IT projects and programs, with delivery of new functionality to the customer (tested and accepted by the customer) in cycles of six months or less.
Projects managed under PMAS are closely monitored and are subject to being halted when significant deviations to plans occur and insufficient remediation plans are presented. The iPMAS Program will deploy a modernized sharepoint based management dashboard that will enhance communications and collaboration through between VA Program Offices and Program Stakeholders
The VA Office of Information and Technology (OIT) PMAS Business Office (BO), through the use of the PMAS Dashboard, allows the VA to both deliver on the transformational IT improvements as well as ensuring every tax-payer dollar is well spent.