T-Rex today announced its leadership initiative to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts throughout the enterprise. Sandra Perez, who joins T-Rex as Vice President for Communications, will be a co-executive sponsor of the DE&I initiative with Valerie Utsey, Vice President, Chief People Officer and Adrian Russo, Director of Talent Acquisition.

The DE&I effort was created to advance diversity and inclusion within T-Rex through strategic planning, cultural awareness and accountability measures. The initiative will broaden awareness of unconscious bias and cultural differences, encourage conversations about inclusive workplaces, and take steps to ensure T-Rex’s employee community, suppliers and community outreach efforts reflect the customers it serves.

“T-Rex is committed to fostering a professional environment that celebrates and includes differences at every layer of the organization,” said Valerie Utsey. “Leaning in on our core value of Respect, we want every employee to know that they have a part in building the diverse and inclusive culture within.”

T-Rex recently engaged The Winters Group to assess the organization’s cross-cultural competence, employee perceptions and demographic data. They will also support the development of T-Rex’s DE&I strategic plan.

“Leaders have a responsibility to encourage dialogue and provide resources and space to grow cultural competencies and surface areas of unconscious bias,” said Sandra Perez, Vice President for Communications. “We are focused on creating a more equitable workplace through developing and recruiting diverse talent, creating diverse partnerships, investing in our communities and holding ourselves to measurable outcomes.”

“As we build on current DE&I initiatives, I am looking forward to engaging in conversations, educational training, and seeing through our plans to make T-Rex an inclusive workplace,” said Seth Moore, CEO of T-Rex. “We are dedicating time and resources to expand our capability to do so from within, and also ensuring our charitable giving reflects our goals in our local communities.”

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