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Need to Hire Cyber Talent? Look Beyond the Nation’s Capital

Greenbelt, MD – June 23, 2019 – The demand for skilled tech workers is creating more than a recruiting problem. Shortages for certain workers are driving up housing costs, as companies pay more to attract workers. At last week’s AWS […]

T-Rex Solutions Fights Cyber Talent Shortage with Commitment to Continuing Education and Cutting-Edge Technology

Naming a company after one of the biggest dinosaurs might have seemed like a bold move back in 1999, but given the dinosaur-sized growth that Greenbelt, MD based T-Rex Solutions has seen it now seems completely apt.   In the […]

T-Rex Partners to promote STEM Education

T-Rex Partners with Patriot Technology Training Center on Events As part of our commitment to supporting Children and Youth, T-Rex has partnered with Patriots Technology Center (TTC) on an e-mentoring program as well as on three different STEM events this […]

Ensuring Cybersecurity with IT Modernization?

As Federal Government Modernizes How does it Stay Secure? Keplinger Responds to Fed Scoop In a recent interview with Fed Scoop, T-Rex CTO, Jason Keplinger shares his perspective on the strong tie between cybersecurity and IT Modernization. Cybersecurity is now […]