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Changing Development Methodology Horses

Transitioning Methodology In Midstream Have you wanted to switch from the waterfall methodology to an agile and DevSecOps approach? After all, agile methods coupled with DevSecOps process automation can drive quality, performance, and security improvements while increasing program-wide productivity and Read More »

Has IT Mod Progress Been Made?

Has Progress Been Made in Government IT Modernization? Keplinger Responds to Fed Scoop In a recent interview with Fed Scoop, T-Rex CTO, Jason Keplinger shares his perspective on where progress has been made in IT Modernization at government agencies through Read More »

Microsoft Azure as Part of Hybrid Cloud Framework

T-Rex speaks at a Microsoft Azure Meet Up about the realities of cloud migration and how Azure can be a part of a hybrid cloud framework. You’ll hear about: Existing CSP EASY buttons being the building blocks for a hybrid Read More »